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A Letter From the President – October 2016


Here we are, looking ahead to the national election now just one month away. While I try to stay away from political commentary in my letters to you, I will encourage you to VOTE if you are able. Our country needs our thoughtful engagement on the issues now more than ever. There are a couple […]

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CTC Podcast Ep 4: Finances During and After College


A person’s college and post-college years can be financially difficult and frustrating. It’s likely the first time they are responsible for rent, groceries, utility bills, perhaps even car payments and likely student debt — all while trying to finish school or find a full-time job to support themselves. So how do people do it? In this podcast, CTC employees AJ Gomez and […]

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The Fiduciary Rule

The Fiduciary Rule

The US government is doing something positive for retirement investors. The Department of Labor is putting out a new rule for financial advisors who provide investment advice on retirement investments:  they have to act in the best financial interest of the client and they have to disclose any conflicts they may have. This is called […]

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Real Estate Scam


In a recent article in Sunday’s real estate section of the Chicago Tribune, columnist Kenneth R. Harney called attention to a scam hitting the real estate world. The new scam involves predators hacking into the real estate agent’s email, then following the email exchange, waiting for just the right moment to hijack the conversation. The hacker, making his […]

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Nina Larson’s Legacy: the Nina Larson Ministry House


Nina Larson Ministry House from Covenant Trust Company on Vimeo. In 2004, Grace Evangelical Covenant Church transformed their parsonage into much needed office space. Nina Larson, a member of their congregation, left a charitable gift to the church through her estate when she passed, and Grace used that gift to fund the renovation of the […]

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Talking Retirement with Lavern Holdeman

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Lavern Holdeman, our Financial Services Representative for the ECC’s Midwest and Midsouth conferences, retired at the end of January after working for over 50 years — eight of those with Covenant Trust Company. In our latest podcast, Lavern talks about his journey from lawyer to FSR, discusses how retirement planning has changed in the last 50 years, […]

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Where Are We Headed?

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As a new year gets underway, our investment team takes the time to sit down with our investment consultant. We take a good, in-depth look at the current economic and investment data, looking at the US and around the globe. We look at what is going on in the world politically and what steps other […]

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