Letter From the President

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The Fiduciary Rule

The US government is doing something positive for retirement investors. The Department of Labor is putting out a new rule for financial advisors who provide investment advice on retirement investments:  they have to act in the best financial interest of the client and they have to disclose any conflicts they may have. This is called […]

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Real Estate Scam

In a recent article in Sunday’s real estate section of the Chicago Tribune, columnist Kenneth R. Harney called attention to a scam hitting the real estate world.

The new scam involves predators hacking into the real estate agent’s email, then following the email exchange, waiting for just the right moment to hijack the conversation. The hacker, making his or […]

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Where Are We Headed?

As a new year gets underway, our investment team takes the time to sit down with our investment consultant. We take a good, in-depth look at the current economic and investment data, looking at the US and around the globe. We look at what is going on in the world politically and what steps other […]