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Living, Planning and Investing with Purpose

As the pandemic and its challenges persist and the geopolitical environment becomes more uncertain, we at Covenant Trust are refocusing on living into our guiding values. Our first value is committing to our client’s purpose. As stated in our guiding values, “Your purpose is the starting point. We encourage you and your family or organization […]


Four Tax Strategies to Consider Before Year-End 2021

What the new tax legislation will look like in the future is anyone’s guess, leaving investors feeling anxious. Covenant Trust talked with Naperville, Illinois tax professional, Linda Kanter, President and Owner of Kanter Tax and Trust Consulting, Inc. who shared some insights to help investors proactively manage their tax situation in 2021 despite the current […]

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Holiday Financial To-Dos

“Making a list and checking it twice” applies to everyone this time of year.

We’re usually on top of jolly holiday to-dos like parties, goodies and gifts, but when the season is in full swing, it’s easy to forget important year-end financial to-dos. The financial to-do list isn’t very festive, but with a little help from […]


Market Outlook Q4 2021

The third quarter came to a close with September S&P 500 performance that was weaker and more volatile than any September in the last ten years. Market headwinds intensified in September including the Federal Reserve’s increased inclination to begin tapering bond buybacks, the debt-ceiling conflict in Congress, continued supply chain issues, and energy shortages stretching […]


Inflation Perspective

Inflation has been a hot subject of debate over the last several months, and for good reason – the June and July headline 12-month year-over-year (YoY) Consumer Price Index came in at 5.4 percent, the highest recorded figures since December 1990.1 The Consumer Price Index (CPI) measures the average change in prices over time that consumers pay for goods and services such as shelter, transportation, food, and medical care. […]

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Savvy Questions to Ask Your Investment Advisor

Whether you work with an investment advisor, or are considering hiring one, be sure to ask questions to be an active partner in your money management. Asking thoughtful questions shows advisors you are informed, inquisitive and engaged in the success of your planning.

Deciding which questions to ask can feel daunting or potentially embarrassing if you […]


Why Don’t We Like to Talk About Money?

As a child, I worried about monsters hiding in my room. I would call out to my mother at night, insisting something was lurking under my bed or behind my closet door. She would calmly turn on the light and check to see if something terrible was hiding there. It never was.

Much like these childhood […]