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Why you can trust in us

Choosing Covenant Trust as your trustee has several advantages:

Knowledge. We are familiar with all types of trusts, tax issues and legacy planning. We understand the legal responsibilities of being a trustee.

Expertise. We tailor your portfolio to meet your needs and risk tolerance. Our investment staff understands all types of assets and gives their full attention to asset management.

Discipline. Our investment approach is strategic rather than tactical. We work with you to establish a diversified asset allocation for your account, then maintain it over time. We do not shift our strategy based on short-term movements in markets, and we do not attempt to ‘time’ the markets. This approach has proven successful for our clients.

Objectivity. We are strictly governed by the provisions you set up in your trust agreement.

The Personal Touch. We use technology to give you great service, but we never forget the personal touch. At Covenant Trust, you’re a person, not just an account number.

Accountability. As trustee, we are accountable not only to the grantor and beneficiaries of each trust, but also to the high standard demanded of trustees by state regulators and our independent auditors.

To learn more about trusts and the role of a trustee, visit our FAQs.

Why you can trust Covenant Trust