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Beware of Coronavirus Scams

Scammers are getting creative in the ways they trick people into giving money or sharing personal information. Even in a global pandemic, they’re at it – preying on our fears, thirst for information and desire to help – using all types of communication vehicles including social media posts, emails, texts, phone calls, and websites to […]

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Staying Strong

As news about the novel coronavirus continues, Covenant Trust wants you to know that we remain open, fully staffed and available to serve you.

We are very appreciative of the trust you put in us. Likewise, we feel it is very important to keep you informed on the actions we are taking as we navigate through […]

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A message from Covenant Trust Regarding COVID-19

Covenant Trust is taking concerns about the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) very seriously. We are closely monitoring this rapidly evolving situation and its impact on our employees and our clients.

Our leadership team is meeting regularly with a focus on our commitment to providing clients with excellent service in the current environment. We understand the uncertainty and […]

Secure Act
What you need to know about the SECURE Act

Congress passed the Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement (SECURE) Act late in December, significantly changing the rules for IRAs. Among the changes in the bill is an increase in the IRA Required Minimum Distribution Age. Under the old rules, an owner of an IRA […]

Understandable Revocable Living Trusts
Understanding Revocable Living Trusts

A Revocable Living Trust is a trust designed to provide for yourself and others. You fund a trust with your assets and establish for whom the trust will provide, to what extent, and for how long. But what exactly is a revocable living trust and how do they work? To better understand a revocable living trust […]

Organized Personal Family Records
Organizing your Personal and Family Records

Over the years, you’ve probably collected a lot of “stuff”, right? But do you know what you have? Where it’s all located? What’s important? What’s not important? How long do you need to keep it? Use the following as a guideline to help you get and keep your important information personal and family records […]

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Financial Goals for the New Year

Are you planning on including financial goals in your New Year’s resolutions? Here are some ideas if you don’t have any yet. Monitor your cash flow; calculate your net worth; budget; save and invest. Also, keep in mind how you can pass good saving and financial skills to your family members […]

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The Fiduciary Rule

The US government is doing something positive for retirement investors. The Department of Labor is putting out a new rule for financial advisors who provide investment advice on retirement investments:  they have to act in the best financial interest of the client and they have to disclose any conflicts they may have. This is called […]

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Real Estate Scam

In a recent article in Sunday’s real estate section of the Chicago Tribune, columnist Kenneth R. Harney called attention to a scam hitting the real estate world.

The new scam involves predators hacking into the real estate agent’s email, then following the email exchange, waiting for just the right moment to hijack the conversation. The hacker, making his or […]