Covenant Trust Services Uniting Your Purpose With A Plan Covenant Trust Services Uniting Your Purpose With A Plan Covenant Trust Services Uniting Your Purpose With A Plan

First, we listen

At Covenant Trust, we have a listen-first process.

Our tailored plans are founded on an understanding of your family or organization’s situation, your challenges and your aspirations. Only then can we recommend the right mix of tools and guidance to achieve your unique goals.

First we listen at Covenant Trust

Our services

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How We Invest

We don’t just recommend a list of investments. When you work with Covenant Trust, we’ll design a personalized portfolio that aims to meet your investment goals and accomplish your purpose.

As part of this process, we address your individual concerns and aspirations, working together to create a plan that can not only achieve your financial objectives, but give you peace of mind.

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Trust and Trustee Services

For many families, a trust is the best legal structure to preserve and grow assets. After you and your attorney establish a trust, we can help you design the investment plan that best serves the goals and needs of your trust.

We can also serve in the important role of corporate trustee. Using a corporate trustee can relieve family members of the burden of overseeing the trust, while ensuring professional management and continuity.

Ready to explore options for your family or organization? Contact us.

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Retirement is a phase of life to look forward to, but too many people face anxiety when it comes to managing retirement finances. As a trustee for your traditional or Roth IRA, we can offer the guidance and oversight to help you through retirement.

Did you know you can make tax-free gifts to qualified charities directly from your IRA? Find out more about qualified charitable distributions (QCDs).

Interested in learning more about our IRA and QCD services? Contact us.

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Gift Planning and Charitable Giving

When it comes to providing for loved ones or supporting treasured causes, the options for giving can be quite complex. We can guide you through the best approach to suit your goals and circumstances, including annual gifting and charitable arrangements.

Learn more about the many ways to give. Visit our Tools & Resources for approaches to giving and to get answers to your questions.

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Estate Planning

We believe that every individual needs a will and other essential estate planning documents. These arrangements can prove invaluable and provide for your family, your dependents and your legacy after you’re gone.

Find out how our Financial Service Representatives can help you establish an estate plan to suit your needs. Contact us.

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Presentations & Workshops

Catch one of our Financial Service Representatives at an upcoming event or financial education program. It’s one of the best ways to find out how we work with families and individuals.

We welcome the opportunity to offer educational presentations on various financial topics. We invite you to contact us if you’re interested in more information or to schedule a presentation by one of our Financial Service Representatives (FSRs). We make it easy for you: our FSRs offer presentations at no cost or obligation, conducted at your location. We also provide advertising materials to help you spread the word ahead of your event. Contact us.