Presentations & Workshops FAQs

Explore our Frequently Asked Questions. You are also welcome to reach out to our team anytime. Contact us.

Our staff and Financial Services Representatives welcome the opportunity to offer educational presentations on various financial topics. We invite you to contact us at or your financial Services Representative if you’re interested in more information or to schedule a presentation.

Our informative workshops provide helpful information for people of all ages as they work through the lifelong journey of financial and legacy planning. Workshops include:

  • “A Financial Life in Order”
  • “Social Security and You”
  • “Let’s Talk”: Women and Finance
  • “Creative Giving” Supporting a capital campaign with gifts other than cash
  • Other mini‐workshops are available on a variety of topics.

We will also meet with your board about any asset management needs they may have, such as setting up an endowment fund, or managing other funds.

Nothing. We work with you to find a mutually agreeable date and time. There is no advance charge for materials and no fee for the Financial Services Representative to present the workshop.

No, the choice is always up to the individual. If you have conveyed the mission and need of your ministry, your members and friends will want to help. Some of them will also have interests beyond your ministry which they may wish to include in their legacy plan. We impose no restrictions or requirements on which Covenant ministries should be included in an individual’s personal legacy plan.

More bequest dollars. Bequests received today were planned some time ago. Plans people make now will benefit your ministry in the future. Also, folks will often include a ministry in their legacy plan and not tell anyone, so that it comes as a total surprise when a distribution from their estate is finally received.