With Age Comes Wisdom

We have all heard it a hundred times. And it’s true! As we age, we learn from the myriad experiences that have paved the path to where we are and shape who we are now. Every culture has proverbs about the wisdom learned through aging and the respect that should be afforded the seniors in our communities. Unfortunately, age can also bring on susceptibility to abuse from others, whether it be verbal, physical, or financial abuse. Some factors that contribute to that susceptibility include functional impairment and poor physical health, low social support, dementia, or dependence on others for day-to-day tasks.

June is Elder Abuse Awareness Month, and with it, many government agencies in the United States and around the world will sponsor events and publish information to help people spot the signs of elder abuse and understand how they can help limit its frequency and impact.

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, one-in-ten American seniors are abused or neglected each year, and only one-in-fourteen cases of abuse or neglect are being reported to the proper authorities. The abuse can take many forms, from withholding funds from the senior to denying a person the medication or medical treatment they need.

Some signs of elder abuse include malnourishment or weight loss, poor hygiene, symptoms of anxiety or depression, and unexplained financial transactions or loss of money. If you notice that a senior in your life is showing one or more of the signs of abuse, take action! The often-difficult step of reporting a suspected case of abuse could drastically improve someone’s life and may even save it! You may be able to make your report anonymously if that is of concern. We may not be able to prevent all abuse, but we can agree to report it when we see it. It is the least we can do for our most wise friends and family.


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